Adult bipolar chat room

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Adult bipolar chat room

When you have your appointment be sure to tell the doctor what all of your symptoms are. It may not seem significant to you, but it may be to your psychiatrist. The medications you take will take help you level out your emotions, and feel more in control. They may notice you are acting more yourself lately after you have begun your medicine. SHOULD I KEEP TAKING IT, OR CAN I STOP WHEN I START TO FEEL BETTER? If you cannot sleep, it is best to call your doctor. Some people only need sleep medication for a short period. Do not self- medicate, if you plan to, make sure you have talked it over with your doctor first.This is why it is important to take your medications religiously. It is a place where you can come and ask questions, be supported along with other bipolars, and relax without being judged. Many people suffering with bipolar do think they are going crazy; this is because they know how they should be feeling but don't know why they are feeling and thinking other thoughts. We are all tempted to stop taking the medicine once we start to feel better. It takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks (and sometimes longer) to get the medicine working in your system. It can counteract your medication, and make you feel agitated. Drinking too much soda can throw you into a sugar high. The high may feel good, but don't forget you will come back down. S/he may prescribe something to help you get to sleep. When a person self medicates, it could be detrimental to her or his health. MY CREDIT CARDS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY BECAUSE OF MY SHOPPING SPREES. This can happen when a person is going through a manic episode.Please ensure you have asked the person in public prior to sending a Private Message (PM).Once you have double clicked on the recipient's nickname a new tab will appear at the bottom of the screen.However, while individual differences shouldn't be underestimated, it's also amazing the amount of common experiences people with bipolar illness share.It's hoped that these questions and answers will get at some of the basic information you may need as you begin to explore what bipolar illness means in your life.

Friends and loved ones of those with bipolar disorder are also more than welcome.Harbor of Refuge is not equipped to serve the needs of people who choose to go untreated for bipolar disorder.Although our greatest strength is the peer-to-peer support we offer one another, we are not licensed mental health professionals.If you are experiencing any signs, call your doctor right away. Unfortunately the chemical imbalance plays with your emotions, you can go from extremely depressed to manic and this can cause major complications in your life and the lives of the people you love. Many people choose not to tell their co-workers about this, because unfortunately there are people who do not understand what bipolar disorder is, and it may cause friction.The doctor will probably have you get in touch with a good psychiatrist or psychologist. Some of the signs that you may be bipolar are: one or more manic episodes which have persistent euphoria, irritability, insomnia, rapid thoughts, rapid speech, grandiosity, distractibility, accompanied by one or more major depressive episodes which are characterized by depression and loss of pleasure or indifference to most activities, usually lasting a minimum of two weeks. Manic Depression is an older term for what is now more commonly called Bipolar Disorder. In the extreme, it can endanger your well-being and your life. People who love you, like family and friends, will probably know.

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The symptoms are severe enough to impair social or occupational functioning, and sometimes hospitalization is needed. You may be told you are a rapid cycler, or it might be you are in a chat and hear someone say they are rapid cycling. *Caution, some hypomanic episodes can evolve into manic episodes. Suicidal thoughts are not a threat to your health in and of themselves, but a big concern to you as the person having these thoughts. Given the nature of this illness, people with bipolar disorder are at a much higher risk in terms of suicide than other people. If you find yourself having persistent suicidal thoughts, or making a definite plan, get help immediately -- let your trusted loved ones know, and call your doctor and/or a local crisis intervention helpline immediately.

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