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After the terror attacks and bloody events in Turkey, tourists who refused to go there started coming to Azerbaijan.

Today, the majority of the hotels are filled with Arabs, and in September this situation will be at its peak.

And for that reason they agree to meet with women offering sex-services only in the center of the city.” More well-off and prudent tourists get ready before-hand.The average salary in the country is 300 dollars a month.And so, working only five days a week and meeting with one client a day, Parvana can earn 1260 dollars a month, a sum which is unbelievable for a job which does not require an education or special skills.Arabs, for the most part, stay in 4 and 5-star hotels.And tourists from Iran prefer 3-star hotels.” Other reasons include the devaluation of the manat (thanks to which it’s not so expensive to travel in the country in terms of the dollar equivalent), the relatively European appearance of the city and the accessibility to forms of entertainment which may not be available in Islamic countries, for example, alcohol.

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She is sitting on a bench in front of the fountain on Parapet [ed – officially, Fountain Square]. Soon there will be many people here, and what’s more, most of them will be tourists and not locals. Sometimes, she says, she has Iranians too, in addition to Azerbaijanis. If they shake their head ‘no’, I delete the numbers and put in others.

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