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Beginning of online dating

In 2013, the amount of time American spent on mobile devices, excluding phone calls, for the first time exceeded the time spent on PCs, according to e Marketer.

A division of Barry Diller’s IAC/Inter Active Corp., Match represents nearly one-third of what is a .1 billion market that grew a healthy 7.1% last year, according to the research firm IBISWorld.

Lately, Yagan has been mulling the patterns in his industry’s metanarrative.

The 20-year history of online dating, he says, can be read as three epochs. Primitive as it seems now, the ability to find other singles online, and to filter them by age, location, eye color, sexual proclivity, etc., was a revelation -- even if the only people making use of it were “the crazy geeks who knew what the internet was,” in Yagan’s words.

Maybe a lot bigger, in the view of Sam Yagan, CEO of Match.

As he sees it, 20 years after the website his company is named for birthed the online dating industry as we know it, the business of using technology to turn singles into couples is on the cusp of its next big inflection point.

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For obvious reasons, the weeks leading up to February 14 mark the busiest time of the year for online dating services.

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