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This mega-hit song of Indian cinema is from the movie Brahmachari which was released in the year 1968.The song was sang by legendary singer Mohammed Rafi and suman kalyanpur.The music was composed by Shankar Jai kishan and lyrics given by Hasrat song was picturized on Mumtaz, Shammi Kapoor, and Pran.The saree wire by mumtaaz in this song was of very unique style. Till ate this song has been remixed numerous times and are performed by various actresses of Bollywood. The film has been listed among the top 25 must see Bollywood movie of all time because of it’s melodious music.The music was composed but Bappi Lahiri and the lyrics was given by anjaan and faruk Kaiser.The song featured Bengali actor Mithun chakraborty.

So it’s not bad if we also hear and love Hindi music. If we are in love, we like to heart the romantic songs.This all time favorite song was taken from the movie Sholay which was released in the year 1975. The famous music scholar nilanjana bhattacharya has said that this song is the most important song from the cultural point of view.This epic song is taken from the movie mughal-e-azam released in the year 1960 which is considered as an epic historical movie of all time in Bollywood. This hit dance number is taken from the movie namak halal which was released in the year 1982.The song was composed by Bappi Lahiri and the lyrics given by faruk Kaiser.The song was picturised on Karan razdan and kalpana iyer.

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The song was not only popular in India but it was popular in then Soviet Union and was awarded with gold award in China. This song was picturised upon the actress Kim yashpal. Covered the sing as Jimmy in the year 2007 for her album kala.