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She said: "It has been hard to see one very small side of me being the only side portrayed.Beyonce could sing her hit "Baby Boy" to Usher and his new wife, Tameka Foster, right about now.After the show, she claimed that she and Womack dated before he returned to find love on producer Elan Gale and became best friends with contestant Courtney Robertson.She says she had a big crush on Gale during the filming of the show.Communications director and Tampa Bay Lightning cheerleader, Alexis Morgado, said she was excited to find out that the Bachelor would be Galavis because of their common Hispanic heritage.Yet, despite lots of promotion from the show and the internet, Morgado didn't even make it past the first night's rose ceremony.Especially when he has a pool of sweet, gorgeous and...ok, never mind, mostly crazy, applicants all vying for his love and their fifteen minutes.seasons have led to marriage, with most couples turning off their relationship with the cameras. There's no denying that contestants are enviably gorgeous, but some bachelors have actually made comments on the women's personalities.

Although her relationship with winner Jesse Csincsack didn't last, Pappas found love in Stephen Stagliano, brother of Michael Stagliano who was on Season 5 of This professional organizer from Texas was second runner up in Sean Lowe's season, but subsequently won the heart of Bachelor Brad Womack, then started dating Michael Garofola from Desiree's Hartsock's Bell was technically first runner up, since both of Season 11 Brad Womack's top two were eliminated in the final rose ceremony.

Chris Lambton tells People Magazine that the couple met during a Bachelor reunion party in the summer.

fans are left wondering why on earth, did that man choose HER?

Selma wouldn't take the plunge into freezing Canadian water--a deal breaker for Bachelor Sean Lowe who didn't like her "no means no" attitude.

Although she and Sean weren't a perfect pair, it was rumored that she dated beloved host Chris Harrison after his separation in 2012, although Alameri denied the claims.

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De Anna had made such a great impression that it's gonna be a high stake for Jenni to make them change their mind about whom they think would complement Brad. His mom asked her about where they are at, she admitted she hadn't dropped the L word yet. He only told her that he wasn't sure if their relationship was going to last, he's not fully there with her. He fell for 23-year-old Sarah Newlon more deeply than anybody else in the beginning but she was disqualified for not recognizing his twin brother.