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Cart dating sex view

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was Carrie Underwood’s time.

It was the age of wisdom, but also of low-rise jeans.

It was only just over a decade ago, but oh, how things have changed since 2005.

The dating site Ok Cupid had launched the previous year, and it’s been asking its users questions about their relationship preferences ever since.

The move toward sexual conservatism might simply be a result of Ok Cupid’s growing user base.

Ten years ago, online dating was more avant-garde, and thus more likely to be popular among libertines and free spirits, as opposed to anyone and everyone looking for love.

Still, to the extent that those 12 million are being honest, the news seems both good and bad.

Moreover, in a finding that may shock many men in the dating world, women were more likely to use the apps to simply confirm that they are attractive rather than actually trying to find a partner, short or long-term.

In a press release, Bendixen explained,  Meanwhile, men are more likely to use Tinder and similar apps to find either short-term (in some cases short term may mean minutes) or longer-term partners.

In 2005, 49 percent of Ok Cupid users said they would, while last year just 41 percent did.

The number of people who said love was more interesting to them than sex at the moment remained unchanged, at 75 percent.

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Daters are becoming more careful, but also less judgmental.