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There, you’ll find a pub, various moorings and a great spot to have a quick breather after the steep and sharp descent.

As fishing was once the main trade of the village (today Clovelly counts tourism among one of its biggest earners), the entire settlement of Clovelly was built up around the harbour.

Altogether, we spent a pleasant couple of hours exploring the village.

After all, the steep nature of the road means that the main high street through Clovelly remains pedestrian and donkey only even with all the modern technology available to us!

Queen Victoria Fountain: This fountain was designed by the Queen’s cousin and erected along Clovelly’s main street in 1901.

Fisherman’s House: This small fishing cottage is one of two small museums in the village.

Paying to visit Clovelly was something we weren’t aware of before arriving .

That being said, by the time we’d arrived, we’d already driven over an hour and a half and wanted to visit the ‘prettiest village in Devon’ and so decided to pay the fee and see what the village was like.

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Instead of cars, villagers use ‘sledges’ made from old wooden planks to drag their things ( up and down the one main street leading in and out of this fishing community.

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