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Darkfall validating data sfai

This checkin has all the performance tuning I mentioned (although they are not all turned on at cc Mixter).Besides performance there are a couple of new features: On the profile page you now see remix tracking: so_and_so has X remixes and has been remixed Q times as well as an aggregate rating for the artist.I still wish you would update the Change Log per day or commit, just to keep things in sync for other developers. :) It doesn't take long to merge, just more of a matter of practice.btw, here's my plan: - I'm currently looking at a checkin of over 40 files, including 1000's lines of new code - I'm putting the new code through the paces, still finding a few typo bugs but mainly things are good - I'll wait a day or two after the cc Host release to make sure there's no funny stuff there and then I'll check my stuff in.

* ccextras/1.3: * cclib/1.22: Turned on cache by default.Admin use ' Global Settings' menu to determine if they want all users or just admins (or nobody) to have formatting turned on.For now, the fields actually eligible for formatting are hard-coded into PHP, someday, when I get around to it I'll make this an admin option.* ccextras/1.2: fixed: removed bogus inner_box hack * cctemplates/1.38: * cctemplates/1.29: layout: how I did it boxes should be wider tags into local .htaccess files) I also made several of the fields more dynamic, including digging up the location of the current file so it takes the guess work out of it. * 1.30: mark this installation as having ratings/remix updates * 1.4: stock class for filenames * 1.25: fixed broken advice on rewrite rules, made paths to and other hints more dynamic * 1.29: update: added new fields for ratings/remix counting * 1.4: updated to reflect new php BB2 requirements Just checked in about 55 files, most when to the cc Host tree and a few to cc Mixter only.I updated cc Mixter a few hours ago and things seem to be running smooth.

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- on Mixter: the sql stuff will "just be there" and people should see between 50%-100% performance improvement immediately.