Dating a detective police officer awhdating ru

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Dating a detective police officer

Now that laws are changing I can do my job differently but believe me nothing robs potential like drugs and in a way when potential is lost to addiction there are lots of victims.

My favorite story involves a young man who just got out of the Marine Corps. He passed the field sobriety test and we were going to let him go with a warring for the traffic infraction.Cops have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth because life really is one hell of a show but after a while I think there is a limit to how much misery someone should have to see.After 20 years, I'm assuming that you've got some funny stories under your belt? Regarding concealed carry I'm in the minority of cops on this one.Black Lives Matter almost feels like people who missed the civil rights era and are looking for their moment in the spot light. But in my day I had as many or more arrests than the other guys.Racism clearly exist and it has a long disgraceful history in many professions including law enforcement. DWI was my pet peeve and accounted for many of my arrest.

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With all the unfavorable attention my profession is getting in the media I wish more people would take the time to try and understand this.

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