Dating a rich man

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Dating a rich man

If you haven’t figured that out, please scroll to the top of the page and begin reading again.

For those of you that are sharpening your sugar daddy talons and booking a lip injection appointment as I speak; please leave immediately.

However, Match is the most popular dating site on the web, with 30 million users and counting.

You won’t find more affluent singles anywhere else than on Match.

I told her about the article I was writing and asked her what her thoughts were on the subject.

“Well for the most part, rich men tend to be more interesting because they have done more with their lives.

That’s what I expect from myself and I want to be in a relationship with someone who challenges me every minute of every day by their example.

Last week I was talking with a friend of mine that used to date a prominent attorney in town.

You don’t want to go choosing just any ol’ site, though, which is why we’ve done all the research for you.If I do suddenly start wanting any of those things, I can finance them myself.What I want is to be the best version of myself possible, an excellent businesswoman, someone with integrity…an alpha-female, as it were.I have long blonde hair, almost always have a bold red lip painted on and I grew up traveling overseas.Yes, little miss Valley girl over here used to be an actual cowboy with ranches, horses and cowboy ‘stuff’. I suppose I expected them to be like my father, who after cowboying for a season, went on to a brilliant career in sociology. The men I dated were far more into drinking and living the life of the great American Cowboy than working towards any sort of feasible future like owning a ranch or cattle of their own.

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My silicone enhanced boobs pushed up to my chin in a velour track suit, diamond tennis bracelet clanging against my keyboard as I type.

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