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Nudism is a fun, healthy, freeing and wholesome way for men and women to socialize and live without clothes.Naturism is a philosophy that values simplicity and increased harmony with nature.In other words, should you cut your losses now, or be patient and tolerant to see where the future will take you? But if you can think through some key relational issues and stick to some basic guidelines, you’ll have a better chance of making a good, healthy decision as you try to determine just how significant you want to make this new other in your life. Expecting to change a person that you’re dating falls into the “trying to teach a pig to sing” category.Don’t Expect to Change Someone There’s an old saying that you should never try to teach a pig to sing. The simple fact is that for 99% of us, we are who we are.

Do Think about what Matters most to You Concentrate on whether you and this person are like-minded and compatible in terms of values and important issues. Yes, it may be true that they don’t have a job right now.If you know that a person is wrong for you, and that they’ll never be right, then you have to walk away from the relationship.No matter how much you feel that you need them, don’t deny what you know to be true.Remember the words of Maya Angelou: “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Do Trust your Instincts Pay attention to what you’re feeling inside, and trust yourself to make the decision that’s right.If, when you’re being totally honest with yourself, you feel that you two have a real shot at creating something good together, then give it some more time and see what happens.

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So don’t expect to change the person you’re with in any fundamental way. Do Encourage Growth and Expose the Person to new Possibilities There’s nothing wrong with presenting someone with ways they can improve as a person or shake off some of the rough, so that the diamond can shine through a bit more.