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Datingdarling com

I am just sad that I did not reach out to him some two years ago.

To Bridget and the boys, I hope the knowledge that Gordon is still remembered by those he grew up with is of some comfort.

I remember your house at 20 Upper Dalgairn in Cupar, went there often, and your parents, both lovely people.

I knew you had become very successful in the PA/FOH mix world, and was jealous of your many tour & concert anecdotes & stories when we occasionally met up in "the Arms" in Burnside, Cupar, occasionally :-) "As I was saying to Pete Townsend last week..." The world is most definitely a sadder place for your loss, but no-one who ever met you could forget you. [ If it hasn't happened already, if ashes are to be scattered in St.

I suspect that this experience moulded the quality that has come through strongly on this notice board, that Gordon someone who cared about and looked after others. Gordon and I both left our roots in Cupar to pursue our schoolboy interests, in his case music, in mine sport.

Gungi, Farewell You were the first friend I made in high school, and probably the best friend I had for at least 6 years before our interests began to diverge.

Andrews Uni as an electronics tech, in the Gatty Marine Lab, enabling us to build various musical/lighting equipment!

I played rhythm guitar for a while, you roadied for Nobo Daddy from Cupar.

I first met you in 1966 in a school Physics lab in our first year at Bell-Baxter Junior High School in Cupar, Fife, where we were both in first year.

We hit it off right away, and were friends for at least 10 years, only beginning to lose touch when you moved south, and I moved to St. You and I put together a mobile disco, "Medusa Disco" when I was old enough to drive (19701) which we ran successfully from Cupar for about a year - we got good, and had lots of fun doing it until the tax man caught up with us :-( When you were an electronics tech at Psychology, I also worked for St.

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Andrews, I would very much like to be part of that in some way, as I live fairly close by in Forfar.

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