Divorced and dating blog

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Divorced and dating blog

Parents may still smart from the sting of rejection divorce inevitably is; they may keep rehashing difficult moments and wondering if they could still rewrite the script; their minds may be preoccupied with making ends meet or other concerns.

Many parents are focused so intently on court cases for custody that, ironically, they spend more time and thought on the case than on the child.

Children are often not aware of all the reasons behind their behavior, and it can be difficult for them to articulate even those reasons they are aware of.

I find the best way to handle the situation is to take a position of friendliness. As a parent, your job is to provide your child with love, stable routines, and discipline. Just as spoiling your child may send a message that you do not care, the other extreme is equally nonconstructive.

This is the wrong approach, though, as it is still likely to send the message that the parent does not care.I have a memory of walking down the street with my mother, around the age of five, thinking about a conversation I’d had with some other children in the schoolyard a few days earlier.One of them had asked, “Who do you like more, your mom or your dad?The parents worked hard, were highly organized, and dispatched instructions and discipline to her as a matter of course.She told me in private therapy that she was convinced her mother didn’t like her.

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