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Edatingdiary com

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Each year, the average American wolfs down 36 pounds of cheese and 24 pounds of ice cream or frozen dairy products.

MORE: 8 Things That Happen When You Finally Stop Drinking Diet Soda 2. No more spackling on the concealer: Milk may be an acne trigger, so going dairy-free could also help you become -free. "You could end up replacing protein and fat with other foods like simple carbs, which can lead to weight gain," Blake adds. "Dairy products are often replaced with soy-based alternatives." Think soy cheese, soy milk, and soy butter.

According to research from Dartmouth Medical School, milk contains testosterone-like hormones, which may stimulate oil glands in the skin and contribute to breakouts. If you're done with dairy, be sure to stock up on other belly-filling fat- and protein-packed eats such as nuts and nut butters, seeds, eggs, and beans. The problem is, soy can be difficult to digest—especially if you rapidly increase your intake, Blake adds.

Our average active user loses 1.4 lb/week - choose a comfortable rate for yourself.

Follow our daily recommendations based upon today's counts, trust Auto Pilot to optimize your plan for steady weight loss, and see the big picture via extensive reports. Get inspired with My Net Diary community: watch our live success stories and participate in forums supported by a Registered Dietitian.

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You wash all that down with 200 pounds of milk and cream, according to the USDA. So you may be surprised to know that consumption of all dairy products has been steadily declining since 2005, with 22% of Americans reporting they've decreased their intake, according to a survey by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.