Final fantasy vii dating guide

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Right now, we don’t know exactly where Final Fantasy 7 Remake stands. How will it portray some of FF7’s most iconic characters and scenes?

With that said, not everything seen matches up beat-for-beat to what we know of the Midgar chapter of FF7…However, it does tease one other possibility that’s been suggested by fans since 2015: that part one of FF7 Remake will only contain the section of the game set in Midgar.In the original game leaving Midgar and breaking out into the wilder world is a big moment and could absolutely work as the climax of an individual game.While pretty much every character has undergone something of an overhaul in this trailer compared to the last, Sephiroth isn’t the only debut: Aerith is also here for the first time.She’s got a subtly-tweaked design, most different in the form of a way more practical skirt.

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In this trailer, however, we see Sephiroth at what appears to be an earlier point in the game, and speaking dialogue we don’t find in the original.

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