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Hippie adult chat

"Which leads us to our next point, we know you must have heard the noises over the years, and we're sure you have figured out what they are. I had never even thought about having sex with them before. "What, sorry, I spaced out," I said "I noticed," replied my mother who was looking even sexier every second.

She laughed while my dick was still in her mouth and began taking more of my dick into her moist mouth.She had about 6 inches in when I felt the pressure in my balls. I was so turned on by my mother using dirty talk that I erupted in the biggest orgasm I have ever had."Ooooh, mom, I'm gonna cum, oh my god it feels so good," I moaned. The first shot of cum landed on my mom's face and quickly began running down her face.She started my shrugging off her loose button up top.She was wearing a sexy, dark colored bra, that didn't hide much to the imagination. I gazed down to her cleanly shaven pussy and I was mesmerized.

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As part of the fun, we have a weekly quiz on Sunday evenings in the chat room.

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