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Sadly, HBO passed on Open , and announced last fall that the pilot wouldn't be proceeding to series.This year, Torv stars with Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, and John Noble's LOTR cast mate Miranda Otto in an Australian film called The Daughter , an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's The Wild Duck that will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

The 33-year-old actor was joined at the event by co-stars Anna Torv, Holt Mc Callany, and Cameron Britton, as well as director David Fincher.

You start to see the stories, or the lives of Peter and Walter [John Noble] and Olivia kind of begin to interlace a little bit. Do you know yet who the Observers are and what their motivations are? Meaning where they're from or what their function is? I've been on a couple of different shows that have had really big breaks, and they've come back, and it hasn't affected it at all, and some that it has. I hope that they sort of stretch it out for as long as possible.

And you sort of see how their paths have crossed before. No, but we're shooting, at the moment, the final episode, and we're starting to get more of a glimpse into what their function is. I think because we're gearing for the end of this season, things have started to get a little bit more cemented. I think we're kind of lucky in that if you are following it, there are things to follow, but if you are dropping in I still think that you're going to be able to get your head around it, you'll be able to grasp where we're at. So I'm really hopeful that people tune back in and finish the journey with us. I think that's what makes it kind of fun, when it's like, "Oh, are they or aren't they? " I think there needs to be a few more close calls before they start heading down that track.

We were always in dreamscapes or always not sure what reality we were in. We're shooting the finale at the moment, and I'm really excited. Do you think they've alienated fans or stunted the show's growth?

So I don't really feel like we actually got a chance to play opposite each other. I'm excited at the prospects of where the show could go if we're lucky enough to shoot a second season.

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So, that in mind — if you, like me, are still mourning the series finale of Fox's terrific sci-fi series Fringe , take comfort in the fact that its cast and crew are up to great things, even if those great things are not Fringe. When Fringe aired its pilot in the fall of 2008, Anna Torv was just an unknown Australian actress; Joshua Jackson was trying hard to shed his image as Dawson Creek's Pacey; John Noble was Boromir's crazy dad in The Lord Of The Rings.

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