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No registration naughty date

Not one, even after days of repeatedly chatting me up, ever wanted to actually meet; one lady, who chatted me up first, then asked if I liked two women at one time, when I suggested we meet and talk it over over a cup of coffee, a drink, lunch, or dinner went on to accuse me of "stalking" her. They will charge your CC twice in days and you would have better luck at the produce dept of your local market.

The site is over its server capacity, spams you with lots of pop-ups & is a waste of time and money. We will certainly look further into your query and use your feedback to improve our service.

The entire thing is so comical but also insulting to one's common sense and intelligence and just goes contrary to the nature of women.

Not to mention that the fake bot photos looked like no women who live in my area, come on now! I feel so sorry for any lonely or naive person who falls for Be Naughty.

When you get on this site, you'll have a dozen women messaging you and liking you... Never mind that you haven't posted a pic or written two words about yourself. You'll be amazed there were this many unbelievably hot women in your town! But what was that the guy said near the end of the call about transferring the balance of your membership to this other *premium* website they offer? THEN immediately call your bank and let them know that you cancelled with the "merchant" but you have reason to believe they might be a tad shady and you want to block any future recurring charges.

Ive only ever got a ride from a dating site one time ( but I think I might end up getting lucky again with this one hopfully! We are always looking for members' feedback as a way of ensuring that the websites are of the highest quality possible, so we thank you for providing us with your opinion.

Should you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

It is an over the top scam and they aren't even trying to hide it.

Even the responses that they give to the tons of bad reviews on here are by a bot.

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We will certainly look further into your query and use your feedback to improve our service. But wait, didn't you see an easy way to cancel on the site somewhere...

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