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Posted by / 02-Apr-2020 19:45

Non-users, however, cite high levels of intimidation and a general lack of understanding about how a computer and the Internet may benefit them.

Seniors who are unfamiliar with using the internet may claim they have no need for it; in many cases this ‘claim’ has more to do with a feeling that they would not be good at using the internet.

The report also shows that the older online audience surf the Internet more frequently, stay there longer, and check out more Internet pages than even their teenage counterparts, thereby contradicting the widely held belief that seniors are technology laggards (according to a recent Media Metrix report).Research shows that older people can, and do, learn new things.According to Microsoft, seniors recognize the benefits of computers and the internet in the areas of employability (paid and unpaid) and socialization.When I talk about online software that enables volunteers to be part of the process, without a doubt, the concern that comes up most often is something along these lines: “My volunteers are too old and couldn’t / wouldn’t do this”.I hear this so often that I fear that these same leaders of volunteers who are overly concerned that their senior volunteers cannot use a website might also be restricting seniors from filling certain volunteer opportunities because it is ‘beyond them’.


They are, of course, also blogging through sites that cater to everyone rather than seniors only.