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Singapore has many attractions as a city, but abundant romance is definitely not one of them.

This is not for lack of trying - Lady Iron Chef and The Smart Local have mastered the art of click-bait romanticism, and every second woman's Instagram is filled with super cute local cafés to drag one's long-suffering bae to.

Foreign men, especially white ones, are highly sought after in Singapore.

Everyone has a differing opinion as to why - is it a product of the "colonised mind"? Is it because they are perceived to be more,, well-endowed in certain departments?

Back home in Lyon, Jacques is nothing special looks-wise (although I'm sure that somewhere underneath the accent that sounds too strong to be real, he must have a perfectly adequate personality).

When Jacques goes out, the Kings of the club are tall, offensively handsome, and suspiciously metro men, and the most attention Jacques gets is from the women wearing leggings as pants who have been day-drinking since 3pm.

Despite what a Sunday afternoon at Tanjong Beach Club would have you believe, Singapore has a dearth of foreign men.

Genuinely attractive and good-natured ones are like the rarest Pokemon and some lucky ladies (myself included, ) have already caught 'em all.

Chances are that any man you come across with a half-decent face only has two degrees of separation from you, one of which is probably your workmate whom he went on a date with and never called back.

According to a friend of mine, local guys tend to follow certain moulds, created by a shared background in Junior College or Poly, followed by National Service, which is in turn followed by several other formulaic stages that are expected of young men here.

For this reason, the women who fall outside of the norm - either who have had a wealth of international experiences, or who have never really fit in to the 'ideal' mould - tend to look for guys who are similar, the majority of whom are usually foreign.6.

Their bodies undergo several changes due to the syndrome - they stand up straighter and command more presence, walking into every club with a certain swagger that exudes Axe deodorant and smug over-confidence.

They become lax with their clothing, wearing sneakers and t-shirts into the club rather than dress shoes and crisp button-downs that they once wore.

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Suddenly, they come to Singapore and they paint the Little Red Dot even more red in clubs and bars, where for some unfathomable reason, several women want to kiss them.

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