Sienna farall dating

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Sienna farall dating

I have always placed my health as a top priority so a few years ago, I took a yoga teacher training and went on and became a yoga teacher and at about the same time, I also began writing my first book.It’s a satire about our society and how our priorities are shifting so dramatically.And this past month, to bring my creative journey full circle, I just released my first single on i Tunes and Spotify in almost four years.I have found myself singing and writing music again so I guess I’m just doing what I can to stay open and find time to create in as many different ways as possible.I never really thought about it, but as I sit here and look back, it seems I always had a sense of curiosity looking for new ways to allow my voice to be heard.I started out as a piano player when I was 3; then I moved on to the drums in high school.Being a yoga teacher and DJ over the last few years, the music I’ve been listening to is more trance-like, beat-driven and many of the songs I play in yoga class or at a gig are these long 6 to 7 minute compositions so it’s been exciting to see how that’s been affecting my songwriting style.

For the next ten years, I went on to release three records but thanks to Napster and Spotify, the music industry was going through a dramatic shift.Has your art been affected by issues you’ve concerned about?Well, this sort of goes back to my podcast and the theme of my show.I’m back in the studio recording music for the first time in almost four years and after such a long break, it’s awesome to be writing music again.Music was my first creative passion growing up and it’s probably where I feel most connected to myself.

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I wish I could say I’m immune to the effects of cell phones, but I’ve become much more aware of how much these devices are merely distractions from what’s really most important.