Speed dating in bellingham

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Speed dating in bellingham

The mine extended to hundreds of miles of tunnels as deep as 1200 feet.

It ran southwest to Bellingham Bay, on both sides of Squalicum Creek, an area of about one square mile.

At its peak in the 1920s, the mine employed some 250 miners digging over 200,000 tons of coal annually. In the early 1890s, three railroad lines arrived, connecting the bay cities to a nationwide market of builders.

Its namesake, Sir William Bellingham, was the Controller of Storekeeper Accounts of the Royal Navy during the Vancouver Expedition.

as a result of the incremental consolidation of four towns initially situated around Bellingham Bay during the final decades of the 19th Century.

Whatcom is today's "Old Town" area and was founded in 1852. Bellingham was further south near Boulevard Park, founded in 1853; while Fairhaven was a large commercial district with its own harbor, also founded in 1853.

Bellingham was the site of the Bellingham riots against East Indian (Sikh) immigrant workers in 1907.

A mob of 400–500 white men, predominantly members of the Asiatic Exclusion League, with intentions to exclude East Indian immigrants from the work force of the local lumber mills, attacked the homes of the South Asian Indians.

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South and eastward of the city limits are taller foothills of the North Cascades mountains.