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If it works, change it back to your new remote action Note: it's a good idea to add another topic in the same rule: ! This would be to ensure you don't get any debug stuff, only the visited sites.It is possible to send all logs to a remote syslog server, one example of a syslog server is Rsyslog.Router1Log & stop For security reasons you should only allow Rsyslog to listen to a certain address, this limits the instance to a single interface.You should also specify only certain IP addresses that are allowed to send their logs to the particular syslog server.Syslog Watcher installs a dedicated syslog server, integrating log data from multiple network devices into a single, easily manageable and accessible place. i discovered Syslog Watcher today, it works beautifully, perfect for what i’m using it for; to monitor the logs on our wifi hotspot.

Syslog messages must meet certain criteria for a User-ID agent to parse them (see The PAN-OS integrated User-ID agent accepts syslogs over SSL and UDP only.Below you can find configuration example that is relevant to Router OS: /system logging action set [find name=remote] remote= /system logging add action=remote topics=info add action=remote topics=critical add action=remote topics=error add action=remote topics=warning With this configuration all logs will be present on the device and on the remote syslog server.Below you can find configuration lines that are relevant to a Rsyslog server (only lines that should be changed from the default values): #/etc/$Mod Load imudp $UDPServer Address $UDPServer Run 514 $Allowed Sender UDP, $template Router1Log, "/var/log/Mikro Tik/router1.log" :fromhost-ip, isequal, "" -?Even after enabling the User-ID Syslog Listener service on the interface, the interface only accepts syslog connections from senders that have a corresponding entry in the User-ID monitored servers configuration.The firewall discards connections or messages from senders that are not on the list.

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To configure the Windows-based User-ID agent to create new user mappings based on syslog monitoring, start by defining Syslog Parse profiles.

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