The rebound guy dating Hot keral free sex chat

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The rebound guy dating

Too much niceness may make you an easy target for emotional dumping.

I’m not saying punch her in the face and pull her hair on the playground, but steer clear of phrases like “If he can’t see you for what you really are then he doesn’t deserve you” and “You are one in a million and he will find out what he’s missing soon enough”.

If you want a relationship: Wait a bit after the breakup for her to get out her major emotional trauma.

In two weeks, give her a text letting her know that you are thinking about her because you know breakups suck (this shows genuine interest but in a comparative way; so she’s not able to detect dating interest yet).

Granted, the execution can be confusing; I say that as a woman.

However, here are a few points to remember when navigating the role of a rebound: If you’re up for a fling: Whether you have just met her and found this fact out, or knew her and saw the breakup coming a mile away, DON’T be too sweet. Because, even though she’s pursuing you in what you might consider a forward fashion, her emotions may be a little shaky depending on how the breakup went.

Sometimes that’s really all a girl needs after a breakup–a beer and some laughs.

If you guys do end up hanging out, don’t call it a date, but do shower and look dashing so she gets the hint that you consider her worth looking dapper for.In the meantime, go to movies, grab lunches, see a fun band; show her you enjoy spending time with her in the world, not just in the potential sack.If you’re up for a fling: You’d be better off never bringing up her ex. Chances are if you’re both adults, and she’s given you the green light on traipsing into rebound fling territory, the last thing she wants to hear is a question or comparison to her ex.Women who are looking for a rebound are not always in the right frame of mind to distinguish between actual feelings and fleeting feelings; most of the time, having a rebound is about having time and space while rediscovering what you want through a non-committed and no-pressure relationship.However, CONSENTING and RESPONSIBLE adults can engage in a rebound driven relationship and end up having a healthy short-term fling (that can help you both out), or a lasting relationship; I’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

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Women are stronger and smarter than most men give them credit for.

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