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Validating an xml

Let's have a look at each together with some examples!

Quick Tip: Both the XPath and XQuery Match assertions make use of the Saxon XPath / XQuery processor which supports most of the latest standards in this area.

If the value doesn't match, the assertion fails.

Obviously there is a problem here; the sessionid will be different each time around which will fail the assertion, let's use the wildcard feature to work around this; Above we have selected the "Allow Wildcards" option and replaced the sessionid value with a '*' which will result in Soap UI ignoring the sessionid value when asserting the result.

With HTML, for example, it is possible to create documents with lots of errors (for instance, when you forget an end tag).

One of the main reasons that various HTML browsers have performance and compatibility problems is that they have different methods of figuring out how to render a document when an HTML error is encountered. Even when creating XML documents, errors are easily introduced.

Check out their website to get details on supported standards, reference documentation, etc.

November 22, 2000 Chimezie Ogbuji Schematron is an XML schema language, and it can be used to validate XML.

DTDs were the first standard mechanism for XML validation, and for all practical purposes still are.

They define the roles and structure of XML elements.

DTDs are written in a syntax other than XMLs' and rely upon post-processing for validation. However, DTDs are a step behind the direction XML technologies are evolving: they don't support namespaces, and they use a non-XML syntax.

The most serious problem with DTDs is that they do not support namespaces, a critical flaw since namespaces are a very powerful aspect of XML.

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If the values match the assertion passes, otherwise it fails.

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