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Who is ben revere dating

He hasn’t faired well against lefties like Bruce Chen and Mark Buehrle pitches who have little to offer in the velocity department but rely on breaking balls, control, and deception to get outs.

in 2013 Revere has put 6 balls in play against lefties, all of which have gone for outs.

Since coming up from the minors, Revere had batted 1st in the batting order in 128 games, or 48% of the time, showing that he has experience as the table setter, and that Twins manager Ron Gardenhire trusted the young outfielder to bat in the position of the batting order that is most likely to accrue the largest number of plate appearances in any given game.

Still, lead off hitters need to do whatever it takes to reach base safely, force opposing pitchers to labor, use their speed and acuity to scamper along the bases in order to score as many runs as possible Now, back to the present day.

Thus far Revere has posted a sub .300 on base percentage, only one multi-hit game, 4 total runs scored, and 4 stolen bases.

So, what’s wrong; why isn’t the Phillies new lead off hitter performing as expected?

Revere is a left-handed hitter, so it’s reasonable to expect his numbers to be better when facing right-handed pitching, but is this pattern indicative of an issue?

In order to get to the bottom of this, let’s take a look at how Revere has fared against lefties in his career to date.

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Ashburn showcased all of the necessary attributes of a good table setter.

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