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As we learned, however, the speculation simply wasn't true. In fact, Gaga joked about the headlines, using the opportunity to negate the chatter and instead announce her upcoming, yet-to-be named album.And just several weeks ago, Gaga was caught in a fictional love triangle (or uh, bad romance—sorry, couldn't resist) between Carino, Cooper, and herself, with reports claiming that she was pregnant and didn’t know who the father of the child was. So, yes, when celebrities sign up to live their lives publicly, a nearly constant rumor mill is to be expected—especially in today's 24/7 news and social media culture. “As soon as I opened the door to my house and saw him, it was like, ‘You hungry?’ We’re both Italian and from the East Coast and before I knew it, I was heating up some leftovers for him and we were eating together.” Cooper’s shared a similar sentiment, telling , “I made a friend for life.

I know that you are a triple threat in a sense: fashion artist, go go dancer and techno performer.Let’s use her relationship with Cooper as an example.After the 2019 Oscars, Gaga—who recently split from fiancé Christian Carino—shut down exhausting rumors that she and Cooper were an item, eventually explaining that they were simply playing up their characters (Jackson and Ally Maine) from And the rumors, of course, were only heightened once they started making close-knit public appearances to promote the film.Her glam rock style alone inspired Lady Gaga’s infamously bold fashion looks.The two’s friendship dates back to their weekly concept show When did you first realize that you were meant to be a performer?

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I feel like a total outsider in every ’scene’ I've ever been involved in.

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