Windows 7 no longer updating

Posted by / 31-Oct-2019 17:13

Windows Update uses Win Http with Partial Range requests (RFC 7233) to download updates and applications from Windows Update servers or on-premises WSUS servers.Because of this proxy servers configured on the network must support HTTP RANGE requests.

The DCAT Flighting service (Service Id: 855E8A7C-ECB4-4CA3-B045-1DFA50104289) relies on the Microsoft Account Sign In Assistant (MSA) to get the Global Device ID for the device.If a proxy was configured in Internet Explorer (User level) but not in Win HTTP (System level), connections to Windows Update will fail.To fix this issue, configure a proxy in Win HTTP by using the following netsh command: If downloads through a proxy server fail with a 0x80d05001 DO_E_HTTP_BLOCKSIZE_MISMATCH error, or if you notice high CPU usage while updates are downloading, check the proxy configuration to permit HTTP RANGE requests to run.For example, an x86-based update cannot be installed on x64-based installations of Windows.Some updates require a prerequisite update before they can be applied to a system.

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It's also possible, if your device is part of a Windows as a Service deployment ring, that your admin is intentionally slowing the rollout of updates.