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Bo A also ever said that the first time they debuted they became so awkward.

But then Eunhyuk texted Bo A, “When will be we met to speak more comfortable? According to the relationships issues among them, they confirmed that they are just best-friend.

But however, many people agree that Eunhyuk has more chemistry with Bo A among Bo A’s previous partners.

– Family: He has a younger sister named Jung Ji Hye – Hobbies: Music, Reading, Playing sports, Composing music – He speaks Korean and Japanese.

Eunhyuk thought that he should be better than the others and had an idea. Surprisingly, Bo A reaction to this was laughed and said, “Just do it if you can”Unfortunately, Eunhyuk’s mission was failed because when they performed on SBS Inkigayo, Bo A used headset microphone right above her lips.

Eunhyuk felt so awkward because he already tried to be close with her face.

As a reply, Eunhyuk highly recommended Park Gyuri, leader of girl group KARA.

Mischievously he said, “Back then, Sooyoung liked me a little.” Respond to this statement Sooyoung suddenly replied, “It wasn’t Eunhyuk that I liked, it was the board games! Eunhyuk also said that the first time he saw Sooyoung in her photoshoot, Sooyoung was so pretty with her long hair and looked like a Barbie doll.

He thought that she was the prettiest out of all the SNSD members.

– He is good friends with Super Junior’s Heechul & Donghae – Yun Ho is the member with the fastest reflex. – Yun Ho and his sister most big resemblance is their cute big eye pupils.

– Yun Ho has a Bambi doll and calls it his daughter.

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